The following are endorsements and acknowledgments for “BA To Boardroom”:

“One of the biggest challenges for career management today is answered in Chris Wilson’s book. He successfully guides us on a path of stories, tools and principles that can change our attitudes alter our behaviors and lead to incredible outcomes. Regardless of career tenure, this book offers real value in our challenging and dynamic workplace today.”

Fred M. Studley, Founder of Transition Solutions, providing international career services to corporations for over 25 years.

A must read for anyone who enjoys learning from others
“Think about all of the books you’ve read by authors far more recognized as corporate authorities than Christopher Wilson. Take everything you’ve learned from those books which is relevant to the real world of business and imagine creating an easy to read, easy to understand, logical and casual accounting of a fascinating career and that’s what you have in this book. As a financial services executive, I will encourage every young person I know who sets out on their professional journey to first enjoy this fascinating story. Were I teaching business in school, this would be a must read. I’ve purchased copies for my three daughters, all in their 20s. The author’s self-deprecating and approachable style creates a roadmap for success which anyone at any age may follow. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I learned quite a bit from it, and I look forward to the author’s next literary effort.”
Eric Morse, former Global Chief Marketing Officer, CIBC World Markets

“This is one of those essential life guides that everyone should have, not to sit on the (actual and virtual) bookshelf, but to return to over and over. How to think through life’s choices, how to remember what matters, how to ask the right questions, and how to say what needs to be said. All told in an engaging and conversational style, Wilson has been there and has observed others do it right and wrong. A perfect gift from parents to young people as they start out in their careers, but they might have trouble actually handing it over once they start reading it themselves–so best to buy two copies! This is really for anybody who wants to think carefully about how to take charge of life’s transitions.”
Paul F. Levy, former CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and author of Goal Play! Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field.

“This is a fantastic book for a soon to be or recent college graduate. Most colleges fail to give their students the 21st Century life skills necessary to manage a lifelong career. Getting the first post-college job is just one small part of this process. Students need to ask themselves what am I going to do? What are my passions and interests? How can I integrate those passions and interests into my career? Looking beyond graduation, where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? What skills do I need to successfully reach my goals. This book is chock full of incredibly useful lifelong career advice.”
John Pelletier
Director, Center for Financial Literacy
Champlain College

Invaluable Resource for the College Senior
“I am a university professor and students frequently seek my advice as they prepare to leave school and enter the workplace. But there are limits to my ability guide them through the transition from student to professional. BA to Boardroom does a far better job than any teacher can in preparing the college senior for the many adjustments she/he will have to make to succeed in finding the optimal post-college position. It is not only comprehensive, covering such important skills as the job search, resume development, and interviewing, but it is also written in a direct style that students will find accessible and credible. Rather than fumble for the right words to explain to students the many skills they will need to know after graduation, I keep a copy of BA to Boardroom on my desk to refer students to this invaluable volume.”
Robert Ross, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science, Boston College
Associate, John King Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University

A great resource for parents, students, teachers and career counselors!
“As a clinical psychologist, I found this book to be insightful and motivational. Not only does it provide concrete tips to develop career skills, it provides a wide range of insights that will enhance any reader’s self-confidence. One of the many features that make this book unique is the author’s ability to speak to those who are not necessarily pursuing careers in business. Parents of recent graduates, career counselors, college students, and those who are already in or re-entering the workforce will find this book to be an invaluable reference and guide. BA to Boardroom offers solutions to anyone seeking strategies to overcome the challenges of getting ahead in today’s world.”
Betsy Glaser, Ph.D.

A great resource for business people of any type
“I found Chris Wilson’s book to be filled with real-world examples that highlight the crucial skill sets that are necessary to be successful in today’s business environment. Chris uses engaging story lines woven through his intended messages to allow the reader to frame the examples offered into their own situation. This effective literary style adds to the appeal of this book. Keep the book on your night stand and read through it often to keep the concepts and lessons available for implementation into your work day. Every level of employee from front-line associate all the way to senior management will benefit from this book.”
Tracy Sivak